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Coming to Grips with Reality
Author: BobR    Date: 05/11/2016 13:52:10

There was a primary in West Virginia yesterday. T-Rump - running essentially unopposed - won the state. Sanders also beat out Clinton to reduce his 300 pledged delegate deficit by 4. So - nothing earth-shattering there, although Sanders supporters are euphoric, I am sure.

On Planet T-Rump, though, things continue to be weird. Party leaders and shakers continue to slog through the various stages of grief as the realization that they've got an orange lump of radioactive waste poisoning their chances of any sort of wins at the polls - including the down-ticket races. As such, they are trying to determine how to minimize the damage.

A typical response from Marco Rubio shows the nature of the hedged support:
After a GOP primary debate in February, Rubio had implored voters to reject Trump, saying he was “wholly unprepared to be president of the United States.”

“This is the most important government job on the planet. And we’re about to turn over the conservative movement to a person that has no ideas of any substance on the important issues,” the then-candidate said at the time. “The nuclear codes of the United States — to an erratic individual — and the conservative movement — to someone who has spent a career sticking it to working people.”
“I signed a pledge and said that I would support the Republican nominee and I intended to continue to do that,” Rubio insisted. “I don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States, I don’t want her to win this election. On the other hand, I have well defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, and like millions of Republicans, you try to reconcile those two things.”


Other Republicans have voiced their apprehensions with the T-Rump candidacy, with some deciding to withhold support, and others not committing. To address that, Mr. T-Rump is going to Washington to show the party movers and shakers that he has substance and gravitas. He's got his work cut out for him. Speaker Ryan has declined to support him, volunteering to step down as chair of the Republican Convention (and probably hoping T-Rump would take him up on the offer). T-Rump is holding out an olive branch, however, and saying he'd LOVE to have Ryan chair the convention. Sorry, Paul - you're not getting off that easy.

Not all Republicans are on the fence. mAnn Coulter apparently has a man-crush on T-Rump, saying he is the "heart and soul" of the party. There may be some truth to that, since T-Rump is an obnoxious racist hater who puts money above anything else, and thinks of women as second-class citizens. That sounds like the heart and soul of the party to me.

Meanwhile, T-Rump is being "mavericky" by bucking a tradition among presidential candidates to show they are not beholden to influences by releasing their tax records. He said he won't release them before the election in November - which means he won't release them at all. Why would he after the election? He blames the IRS auditors (which should appeal to his low-information "Flat Tax" "Abolish the IRS" tea-party supporters), so once again he is not taking responsibility for his actions.

The last primaries will be June 7th. At that point, the presumptive candidates may begin their campaigning in earnest for November. That's only 5 months, right? That should just fly by, right?


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