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Fluffy Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 06/03/2016 12:59:32

This Friday we should visit the war between Nanny Mei and the cutest adversaries ever - panda cubs


Meet Mei Yan, panda keeper in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. When she started she had no idea how it was going to take over her whole life. But eight years later she is dedicated to her panda-based career and couldn’t be happier.

~ CCTVNews Facebook CCTVNews Panada Keeper
(Italics mine)
How does one get a "panda-based career"? Cause that sounds pretty great.

In reality, it's a hard job.

Mei said she starts her day at 6am feeding the nine cubs in her care .

Five of the cubs are still breastfed by their mothers while Mei needs to bottle feed the other four cubs.

After they have been fed, the woman carries them one by one to their outdoor playground.

According to Mei, the biggest cubs weigh 28 pounds.

She says: 'I have definitely gained some muscle over the years'.

It's only then that the woman has time to eat her own breakfast at around 7am.

When she's finished quickly grabbing some food, she starts cleaning the pandas' enclosures, clearing away faeces.

She then transports around 100 pounds of fresh bamboo into the adults' enclosures.

Mei says: 'I clean more than 100 pounds of panda faeces every day and have to haul around just as much bamboo into the enclosure of the only adult panda under her care.'

Mei said she often gets cuts and scratches from carrying the pandas.

She has also been bitten by these creatures.

Meet the woman who makes a living hugging and playing with pandas

While it never sounds great to be bitten, scratched, and to clean 100 lbs of poop a day, still it's PANDAS.

Mala :)

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