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Holocaust Deniers
Author: TriSec    Date: 06/12/2016 23:49:27

Well, it's happened again. Before I get there, let's go back in time.

On January 27, 1945 a Soviet force liberated the concentration camp at Oswiecim, Poland - a place we call Auschwitz in the west.

Somewhere around 1.5 million persons perished in this camp; This represents a fraction of the up to 20 million people who may have died as a direct result of Nazi persecution.

But despite still photos, movietone news footage, still-living witnesses, testimonials of the soldiers who were there, and the mountain of records kept by the efficient Nazis...there are many that deny this ever happened.

The Holocaust Deniers are some of the most ignorant and hateful people alive in the world today.

Still back in time, we'll use January 1, 1976 to calculate another kind of holocaust. (Data prior to that is somewhat limited.)


Using the "Mark I Eyeball", I make our annual handgun deaths at roughly 8,000 per year, with a few brief years spiking up towards 14,000 in the early 1990s.

So over the last 40 years, I estimate somewhere around a half-million persons killed by handgun violence.

I of course expected a backlash from the gun-nuts. The sample below from a soon-to-be-defaced acquaintance of mine is fairly typical.

On a week where the inept out of touch ninth circuit declares concealed carry unconstitutional we've seen a hell of an uptick in shootings. The latest shooting at the Pulse in Orlando is senseless and tragic and with concealed carry could have been minimal, homophobia, terrorism or not.
Before the president labels it party place violence and tells us if he had a son he'd look like Marvin and the anti-gun zealots start their rhetoric most of the shootings this week were in gun free zones. If one bouncer or security guard was allowed concealed carry, things may or may not have been different.
One point about gun control in the liberal sense, it will be a failure and disastrous for law abiding citizens. Mental health screening and profiling is needed and it’s time to start enforcing the laws already on the books. It is time for both sides of this issue to work together but as long as the current people in power stay in power it is never going to happen.

The ongoing American Holocaust can in no way, shape, or form ever compare to THE Holocaust. Unless our deaths by gun ever reach that insane level.

But I have purely rhetorical questions now.

Someone who drinks excessively - do we give them more alcohol?

Someone who is addicted to drugs - do we give them more drugs?

Do we give sexual predators greater access to children?

People who steal things - do we let them into more stores and homes?

Why is it then, WHY IS IT THEN, that the answer to our gun problem is always "MORE GUNS?"

This is the denial. How many more times do we need to see it? How many more families need to bury their sons, daughters, parents, spouses, because "they got in the way"?

This is the denial. I said it earlier - those that deny the holocaust are some of the most vile and ignorant people on earth. Pick your holocaust to deny, it makes no difference to me now.

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