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Not illegal
Author: Raine    Date: 09/01/2016 13:34:57

Illegal is a term from criminal case law. A human being is not illegal. They may be undocumented and in violation of civil law but people are not illegal. If a person. (documented, naturalized or citizen by birth) breaks criminal law, they pay a fine or face a jury. This is basic stuff. Undocumented people aren't coming over the border in the fashion that the GOP nominee would have you believe -- if you were to believe the hyperbole, one would be led to the belief that it is of locust-like proportions. They are here, they have families and lives deeply entrenched in this nation. Getting here isn't as easy as the GOP would have you believe. Read this account from a high school child.
Us Hispanics or Mexicans whatever guys call us take a lot let me tell you A lot of pride in being Mexican we do go through a lot to get here especially if your born and raised in Mexico because in Mexico you only go to school until 6th grade. Being born there coming here going to school, finishing school is a big accomplishment. I will be the first high school graduate in my Family. A lot of parents are coming over here with their children or young teens because most certainly the zetas need people working for them.

...and they go around mainly schools or popular hangout areas for teens and hire them on to be "Alcones" which I do believe is a type of bird? What these teens do is they are the eyes of the zetas in zeta territory. They would know what's going on around their territory. For example, if someone's there that's not supposed to be all kings. But these kids get paid A lot and if they stay in that business they can go up in "rank or position."

A lot of people, Hispanics or Mexicans are actually scared of being deported and like you might save up for your retirement Mexicans save up to go back to Mexico like my parents wanted to go back but they want to make sure we are well set in life. Most Mexican that come one day want to go back as weird as it sounds they want to the last part of their life where they were raised.

I recently became legal June of the year 2012. My visa expires in June 2015. So Almost like most Mexican I wouldn't joke around about being illegal. Not a lot of people knew that. I didn't go announcing it, but now its more like a joke of me being illegal because if I want to be a permanent resident or citizen I have to marry into it. If not you have to legally renew your visa every 2 years and still there are rumors going around that it was also a risk your taking getting a visa through that act you would be risk getting deported after the two years or renewing it you do have to start the process at least five months in advance.
There is more at the link.

In 2014, net immigration was zero. Having said that, if Trump wants to kick everyone out who is here without proper documentation - and you support that - I say, go start picking lettuce, fruit, and other agricultural items. Try spending hours picking the grapes that will make the wine we love.

One of the things I have always agreed with John McCain on is that he knew that most Americans would not do the jobs immigrants do. They are not going 'home'. For many, this IS their home.

Having said that (and this is something I have said for YEARS): How about we properly fund the agencies that make sure people aren't caught up in red tape so much that they see their work visa expire? If the government doesn't take care of their end of the deal, why should those people be subjected to the kind of deportation that Trump is suggesting? Why can't congress force employers to use E-verify?

President Obama has a record of deporting more people that are here without documentation than any other president. If we REALLY want immigration reform, let's be honest: Trump's version is far away from the mainstream.

We cannot kick people out of the country in some willy-nilly fashion. We also cannot just send them away on a plane (who is going to pay for the airfare - The United States?... Private airlines?)

We have problems, there is no question about that. Having said that, the solution that the GOP nominee is telegraphing is dangerous. He doesn't want people of color to come to America - period.

I would like to see people being brought out of the shadows and begin to pay income taxes and become citizens. I don't even feel like we need to force them to the back of the line.

Let them apply for citizen status if they can meet the same standards as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 Ronald Reagan signed it into law. They tried to pass this in 2006... or maybe Congress could dust off this bill passed in the Senate in 2013 and get it to the current president's desk - there are solutions out there right now that could fix the problem.

These are people, they breathe and bleed just like any other human being -- humans are not illegal.


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