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The Refuge
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/07/2017 13:11:35

There are many out there that consider Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to be the best piece of music ever written, and the final movement, the "Ode to Joy" to be the pinnacle of that effort.

Of course, Your Loyal Trisec is an outlier, as my favorite symphony by Herr Beethoven is the 6th symphony (The Pastorale), with the favored sequence being "The Tempest".

But he's not even my favorite composer, as I have long preferred a crazed Austrian that sometimes sardonically called himself Amadeus.

Despite being raised by classical musicians, I don't consider either of these gentlemen to be my proper introduction. It was in May of 1977 when a little science fiction flick came out that turned out to be hugely influential to the then 11-year-old TriSec. The composer of that music was already well known, and I wore out a number of copies of that double LP over the ensuing decades. It remains a lifelong honor that I actually met John Williams briefly in 1980 when he appeared at the Berklee College commencement concert, prior to being awarded an honorary degree that year. My father was highly-placed in the college hierarchy at that time, and we spent the evening hanging out with the college president and Mr. Williams in the private suite.

For much of my life, music has been a place to hide. Somewhere safe to run. An old friend that doesn't judge and always comforts.

So of course, let's think about some elections. I believe I shared the story previously that after January 20, 2009, I went on a bit of a binge. With Mr. Bush out of the way, it was suddenly "safe" to listen to music again. It was like a tremendous weight being lifted, and that first week after the inauguration I actually shed a tear of relief while listening to the symphony - it was that necessary for my psyche at the time.

Now we fast-forward just two weeks, and Armageddon looms on the horizon. I've felt for quite some time now that there is nothing more that can be done. I expect to find refuge in melody and harmony under Sith rule. One of my personal maxims is that "It is impossible to feel gloomy whilst listening to Duke Ellington", and I suspect that my vast collection isn't going to survive the next four years in listenable condition.

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