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The Safe Place
Author: TriSec    Date: 01/14/2017 13:27:03

Good Morning.

T-minus six days, and counting.

I was tempted to post another "Bunnies, Puppies, and Flowers" blog today, but I think we'll be seeing enough of that in the coming months and years.

I just want to put this out there - here is my safe place:


(Alas, not my unit. This is Troop 137 in Franklin, TN.)

Even though I'm not the leader of my troop, it's a place where I can feel in control - there are jobs to be done, skills to be taught, and young leaders to be mentored. Here, we check all our troubles at the door - all of us are at a meeting for one thing, to guide our scouts in whatever it is they're doing for themselves.

Here is another "safe place":


Although it's not noted on the engineering diagram, there's certainly an arsenal in there somewhere, with guns and ammunition for all.

I've got nothing more to offer on this one, except to note that when I need somewhere safe, I tend to look outside, or to those in need, where I can perhaps improve everyone's condition by teaching, guiding, or inspiring them on to something new. I have always found a certain comfort in "Duty to Others." Meanwhile the insecure and threatened folks retreat underground like the rats that they are, and elect Donald Trump.

I only hope that we don't end up in the most paranoid and desolate 'safe place' of them all...


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