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An Overwhelming Sense of Dread
Author: BobR    Date: 01/18/2017 14:27:29

The day after tomorrow at noon, the nightmare we all assured ourselves could never possibly happen will come true. The Gropenfuhrer, the short-fingered vulgarian, the trash-hole, the Cheetolini will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. All of the progress our country has made will take a giant step backwards. It's sad, maddening, disillusioning, and stretches the boundaries of belief.

President Obama has just over 2 days to finish any last minute orders, pardons, etc., before the right-wingers come in and burn it all down in the name of petty partisanship. The vengeful idiots will have at least 2 years (and possibly 4) to undo as much progress as they can. They will proclaim it is for the best of the country, but we all know better.

I will not be watching the "festivities" on TV, and the cable box will be set to a channel that will not be carrying it. I will not have my body nor my viewing eyes giving any credence to this charade. I WILL be present in body and spirit for the Million Mom March, whose numbers should dwarf those in attendance of the inauguration.

Pro Tip: Watch the news inflate the numbers of those present for the Monster's ascendence and diminish those for the MMM. Also - watch right-wing post photos from President Obama's inauguration as if they were tRump's, and post photos of riots (and the expected agents provocateur) as if that were the entirety of the march.

This morning Raine and I leave the area to add another member to our furry family. It is one small step we can take to advance kindness in a world about to descend into coldness and uncaring. Be vigilant and fight the repression and remember that THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

But leave time in your life and space in your heart to promote love and kindness. They can never take that away from us.

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