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We are people. We are human and we will not go away.
Author: Raine    Date: 06/07/2017 12:53:26

“To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country."

That was Eric Trump. He was conceived during his father's first of three marriages. His father also proclaimed that he likes to grab p*ssy.

To say that a segment of our population is not 'even people' is an attempt to dehumanize us. Once, that happens it paves the way for scapegoating and then intimidation. After that? We get justification for violence.

That's what happened in Rwanda. That is what happened during the rise of the Third Reich. The victims of genocide are the result of the violence that began with dehumanization. Violent criminals do not see victims as human. Dehumanization is the 4th of 10 stages of genocide.

Here in the United States under this administration, we are witnessing an attempt to dehumanize Muslims, immigrants, and poor people. Those are just a few examples off the top of my head. In more benign times and situations, I have often called it other-ism. We are now in a new place. These are not benign times. These are not normal times. I have said before and still believe that what we are witnessing will not sustain. His supporters will not go quietly into the night.

Last night the son of the leader of the free world took other-ism to a dangerous level. He openly - and without any remorse - declared almost half of the citizens of this nation inhuman. and for all the shocking things we are inundated with on a weekly, daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, this is the most deeply disturbing one of them all. It's disturbing because it doesn't appear to shock. It's disturbing that the son of the leader of the free world could say something like this with so much comfort and surety. It's disturbing because their supporters will hear it and know they have been given the green light to intimidate.

Buckle up, stay strong, and resist. I'll buy you all a drink and toast to us when this administration is finally revealed to be the criminal organization it is. They will not win. We are still the United States of America and there are more good people, more patriots from all parts of our political spectrum out there than those that would have us become 'Others'.

Morality and goodness will win the day.

In the meantime, stay woke!


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