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Trump: First Family of Fashion
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 06/25/2017 14:36:39

We get so much from the Trump family and his minions administration; not just experience in businesses, borrowing money, golf swings and sumptuous deserts but fashion as well. After all, if's not often that a shoe designer gets access to highly classified documents and makes decisions that can affect the world.

The fact that Ivanka Trump rarely wears her own line just shows how exclusive her line really is! And, smartly, she will only wear her products when she knows that she can make a pitch to sell them, as is the case back in November during her 60 Minutes interview when she wore a stunning gold bangle from her Ivanka Trump line and immediately released a "style alert" email so that regular Americans could own it for a mere $1300.00 + shipping. It didn't turn out as well as her previous plug in July during the GOP convention when she urged people to shop at Macy's for the same sleeveless dusty-rose dress that she wore. This time, KellyAnne had to come out to stop the bleeding by announcing on FOX that she too was buying Ivanka brand and gave helpful tips on where to shop for them. So when she cannot pitch her brand, she is usually seen in non-American luxury designers like Oscar de la Renta, Caroline Herrara and Altazurra.

Well, like Daughter like Step-Mother #2. The current Mrs. Trump who is stunningly beautiful, also favors non-American designers. I assume she just doesn't want to be accused of copying the former First Lady who often championed new upcoming American designers. So, during the inauguration, while her husband stood on the steps of the Capitol and pledged his commitment to “buy American and hire American,”  the official portrait of Mrs. Trump wearing Dolce and Gabbana was being hung in the White House.

The same can be said by the average-looking, but super smart, Trump advisor KellyAnne Conway. She wore a stunning red, white and blue ensemble to the Inauguration by the very not American designer, Gucci. The floppy red hat glued onto her head as a fashion nod to the MAGA hat made famous by her boss.


Our great president is a style icon, with his overly long power ties and extra roomy suits that seem to balloon around his large powerful body, and his administration must reflect and carry on this style. After all, the former first family didn't seem to have any sense of style. Who can forget Obama in his Dad jeans or running shirtless on the beach? Disgusting!

Besides KellyAnne being a fashion icon, there's Sean Spicer with his brilliant yet subtle artistic style that will go down in history as a legendary statement of "Alt-Fashion" or something thereof. His red ties violently knotted resemble a multi car pile-up that began as a road-rage incident; his brown socks with blue suit could be considered "Business Punk"; and who can ignore his happenstance upside-down flag pin during a press briefing, which was a radical and satirical fashion statement as a metaphor for this swamp-draining administration.

Another fashion puff is the charming and elegant First Son-in-Law, Jared. Jared always knows how to dress even when wearing a flak jacket (hint, it's to be worn with a navy blue blazer underneath) or which type of sunglasses to wear in Iraq. While his counterpart, Mr. Stephen Bannon, has at least learned how to dress for a casual business barbecue as opposed to his former ill-fitting attire that he wore to his previous fire type gatherings.

While our president was even able to look powerful and stoic while wearing a heavy ungainly golden necklace presented to him by royalty, his wife is still the real fashion icon. During that same visit where President Trump didn't bow to get said golden collar, his wife made a political fashion statement by not wearing a head scarf. Later on that trip she did wear a head covering while dressed all in black when meeting the Pope. Many fashion observers believe that Mrs. Trump was simply obeying that age old axiom of style: dress for the job you really want.






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