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Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 07/18/2017 10:11:58

Good morning.

Still here with a dead computer, so blogging by Kindle Fire this am.

We'll start this morning with an archeological dig. In August of 1776, General Washington was losing the battle of Long Island when he was bailed out by some sailors from Marblehead. After the battle, the Hessians bayoneted some 250 prisoners and dumped them In a mass grave. Archeologists think they may have found the site.


Moving on to the Civil War, today is the anniversary of the action at Battery Wagner, involving the Massachusetts 54th. As we all know, they were virtually wiped out. Colonel Shaw was buried with his men, and it was thought that his sword had become a war prize and lost.

As it turns out, the sword was recovered and returned to the family, who then somehow forgot about it in an attic for 150 years.

The Boston Historical Society has recently acquired the sword, and it's set to go on display.


Finally today, should you care to invest the time, I highly recommend yesterday's Globe Spotlight report regarding the Manchester, NH VAMC. It's the same folks that broke the church-sex scandal.

Why can't we get this stuff right?


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