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Texas & Louisiana are not alone
Author: Scoopster    Date: 08/31/2017 14:01:17

We've all been witness to yet another great flooding event in America in our lifetimes. We keep hearing the storms that bring these floods are hundred-year storms, or five-hundred-year storms. But we've had one hundred-year storm after another after another, year after year, state after state..

The majority of this flooding is a combined result of exceedingly stronger storms and increased oceanic water volume & tides due to GLOBAL WARMING. Yes I said it, because I trust the decades of research and expertise of scientists studying this. And I'll say more - the collective name for these exceedingly stronger storms year after year is.. guess what.. CLIMATE CHANGE. It's easy. More moisture in the atmosphere instead of polar glaciers = more rain, more pockets of cool & warm air colliding, and you get swirling & creating massive vortexes of cloud & wind that drown the fourth largest American city.

But like I said, they're not alone in being affected by flooding. And not just other states either. The effects are being seen globally, right now. The flooding in Mumbai, India has managed to pull some of our national news attention. But then there's Hong Kong & mainland China. Nigeria. Macau. Sierra Leone. Canada (and at the same time some parts of Detroit). Ireland. Pakistan. Turkey. Yemen. Mexico. Nepal. Germany. All of these places have experienced flooding in the past month.

There's three months left in the northern hemisphere's hurricane/typhoon season. Where will the next tragedy strike? It's too late at this time to stop what's coming, at least in the next few years. But how much more willful ignorance & dismissiveness against science will let us fail to act against what could happen in future years.

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