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The Ship of State is Floundering
Author: BobR    Date: 09/07/2017 15:21:02

If I wrote "tRump is doing a terrible job as president", 75% of the country would roll their eyes and say "well yeah - no duh"... But I am going to write it anyway. Okay, actually, I just did. There is a reason for it, though, and this past week illustrates just why.

The country has some very big problems. The Houston area and parts of Louisiana were hit with devastating flooding due to Hurricane Harvey. The western half of the country is choking on smoke due to all the wildfires. Florida is only days away from being slammed with one of the largest hurricanes in recent history.

From a government perspective, tRump has bankrupted the Secret Service, the government runs out of money at the end of the month, and most of our major executive branch departments are severely understaffed, and led by people who are diametrically opposed to the mission of their respective departments.

So how does Feckless Leader handle this? He goes to Houston, does a photo op of himself improperly loading a truck with supplies, then tells those rendered homeless by the storm and huddled in shelters to "have a good time".

He threatens to eliminate the DACA program which protects DREAMERS from being deported - because THAT'S a priority with everything going on.

He wastes yet more money to go to North Dakota to talk about tax cuts (while the government scrambles to appropriate funds to deal with all these natural disasters), and tells residents there that even though a drought is destroying their crops, they are "better off" than the people in Houston. Thanks tRump! That REALLY helps. Why not just tell them to eat cake?

As Florida prepares for a direct hit, the residents are likely wondering what sort of help, compassion, and possibly empathy they will get from this administration. If recent events are any lesson, they are on their own. In his alt-eloquence, tRump stated that Irma hitting Florida "could be something that will be not good". Wow - THAT should settle any doubts and fears. THAT is leadership...


If there's any silver lining here, once can squeeze a few drops of schadenfreude out of this with the knowledge that tRump's estate in St. Martin was likely destroyed, and Irma has her sights set squarely on Mar-a-Lago.

Perhaps that's what he meant by "something that will be not good".


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