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Addicted to Attention
Author: BobR    Date: 10/19/2017 12:43:48

It seems to be a common agreement among everyone who isn't an ardent tRump supporter that he has mental problems. The common diagnosis is malignant or pathological narcissism among us armchair psychologists (although even the professionals would agree. His constant need for attention and self-congratulation and self-aggrandizement reinforces that diagnoses.

I am not educated in the field of mental illnesses, so this may or may not be in the same ballpark, but I think with tRump, he is an addict. He is addicted to being the center of attention. When other things take the attention away from him, he feels the need to do anything - ANYTHING - to bring the attention back to him. I suppose that is pretty much what a narcissist is, but for him it doesn't seem to matter whether the attention is positive or not. He craves it; he needs it.

His entire adult life has been about getting attention. He appeared on professional wrestling, the cover of Playboy, numerous talk shows, and then finally - his own TV show. That, I think, took it to a next level, from snorting to freebasing. He had an hour per week of people watching him rule his tiny kingdom.

Running for president, though, became the mother lode for him, like the scene at the end of Scarface where he has a big pile of cocaine on his desk and just sticks his whole face in it. There he was going from town to town with crowds of people clapping and cheering for him. THIS was the high he was looking for his entire life - THIS was the all-consuming buzz he was craving but could never satisfy, the itch he could never scratch.

He rode that high all the way to the election, and then was crowned. And then what?...

Then he brought all the cameras into the Oval Office to record him clumsily applying his scribble to his executive orders, holding them up for all to see. When the cameras weren't on him, he was tweeting. When other national stories grabbed the attention away from him, he would make outrageous statements to make himself the center of attention again.

When that still isn't enough, he goes out on "campaign-style" rallies, so he can get the attention he craves.

How does one deal with an addict? First, they need to be "dried out". That means cold-turkey deprivation of the drug. Then - if the addict wants to be cured, they need to swear off the drug.

For tRump, that would mean removal from office, and possibly a jail cell. Let him go several months to several years with no one paying any attention to him.

It's tough love, I know, but I think we really should do what's best for him. It's the kind thing to do.


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