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Running Out of Time
Author: BobR    Date: 01/04/2018 14:26:59

It's pretty much all anyone is talking about: the new book by Michael Wolff on the tRump pResidency. Wolff had unfettered access to much of the White House staff, and interviewed numerous people. It's the quotes from former tRump advisor Steve Bannon that have ignited a firestorm of discussion and opinions.

There's much more to it than Bannon, however. The more shocking "revelations" include:

This resulted in a knee-jerk reaction from a desperate, guilty "man" - tRump sent a "cease and desist" letter to - oddly enough - Bannon. It's odd because Bannon spoke to Wolff when he was still in the Administration, and the book is already written. Besides the poorly chosen target, this is still a bad move for a number of reasons: "Reached for comment about the lawyer's letter to Bannon, Wolff told me: 'I rest my case.'" If this ever went to court, it would be a disaster for tRump. It would open him up to all kinds of legal liabilities (such as providing evidence, testifying under oath, etc.). This tactic (threats of legal action) may have worked in his business world when dealing with small independent contractors, but there's no way that Bannon or Wolff are going to blink.

While all this has been going on, the Congress is quietly mulling its options. Last month, Congress summoned legal expert Dr. Brandy Lee to Capitol Hill to brief them on the 25th Amendment. Impeachment requires evidence and a trial. The 25th Amendment approach simply requires a passed resolution by Congress.

Get the popcorn ready...

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