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Deliberately Obtuse is not a Governing Principle
Author: BobR    Date: 01/11/2018 14:37:32

On Tuesday, pResident tRump decided to hold a meeting with Republican and Democratic congressional leaders to discuss immigration reform. To assuage his ego, and ostensibly show the world how good he is at "negotiating", he had the whole thing broadcast live. It did not go well for the tRumpster.

First of all, it showed just how bad he really is at what he calls "negotiating". If the Republicans had discussed a plan of action or non-negotiable positions with him beforehand, it certainly didn't show. Regardless of who said what, tRump agreed that should be the plan of action, regardless of whether it completely contradicted the plan of action he had just previously agreed to. It also showed he had no idea what any of the terms actually met, or which ones jibed with his campaign promises.

In an attempt to hide this, an instance where tRump agreed with Senator Diane Feinstein was omitted from the official transcript of the meeting.

Yes, that is correct - the White House released a false government record of the conversation.

Once it was pointed out, they put it back in, claiming it was an inadvertent mistake. Right...

What it says to me is that:

  1. The White House is trying to falsify an official government record

  2. They assumed no one would notice

  3. They seem to forget (on a regular basis) that we have this thing called "video recording" that allows the public to hold them to the words they speak in front of a camera

  4. They are embarrassed that they were made to look bad by a female Democrat (yet again), and tried to cover it up.

This is - in effect - a microcosm of the entire tRump administration (including the campaign): Saying one thing, assuming they are smarter than everyone else, and then denying they said it when they get caught. What is sadly not surprising is that this is not surprising anymore. We cynically laugh at their incompetence, but the truth is there must be much more that we're not even catching. We are looking at raindrops while drowning in the flood.

Ultimately, the work of governing this country must get done (and it will be), but this administration must be rejected and removed. There are way too many impeachable moments, and the Republican-controlled Congress sits on its hands. If they won't act, then Mueller must - and soon.


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