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Don't Shoot the Messanger
Author: BobR    Date: 01/25/2018 14:17:12

The Mueller investigation into tRump has stretched on for months, and is apparently becoming a multi-headed beast, including the original topic of collusion with the Russians, along with obstruction of justice and money laundering. When tRump decided that he didn't like the idea of being investigated by people (Comey) under his direction, in a very Nixonian move - he fired them. That's when hell really broke loose.

With the appointment of Mueller, things got murky for the Republicans. They started their own congressional investigations and pretended to care. But once the indictments started dropping, and Papadopoulos made a deal, they knew they had to do something.

Now Mueller is set to question Bannon. Bannon can no longer claim executive privilege. Since being fired, he also has no loyalty to the president and if there's anything on him, he is likely to be quite willing to cut a deal. tRump has said he's more than happy to talk to Mueller to clear his name, but his lawyers are already trying to walk that back, and others have concerns.

it seems that obstruction of justice is the easiest avenue for bringing charges. With all of the evidence likely to be against tRump and his cohorts, the only thing the Republicans have left is to try to discredit the investigation. Considering this is an election year, and tRump has historically low levels of support among the electorate, they risk riding his coattails into unemployment.

House rep Devin Nunez (R-CA) decided to "investigate the FBI and Justice Dept" and has circulated a memo full of misleading talking points that attempt to discredit the investigation. It apparently is considered classified, so it has not been released to the public, but Republicans are pushing to get it declassified so they can disseminate the propaganda.

FOX "News" is helping push a Republican "suggestion" that there is a "secret society" within the FBI and Justice Dept. that is actively working against the president. That apparently is completely based on a single text message that was obviously meant as a sad joke. Naturally, FOX "News" is trying to sell that turd like it's a gold-plated Ferrari...

This is so incredibly dangerous. They are attempting to demonize those who enforce the law with the notion of a conspiracy from within the government. This is what lawyers do in court to put doubt in the minds of juries when defending their clients. It has no place in our democracy when dealing with an ongoing investigation into potential treason at the highest levels. It's the sort of thing that can lead to "2nd Amendment remedies" from self-proclaimed patriotic idiots with more firepower than brains.


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