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Author: Raine    Date: 09/29/2008 12:23:04

The McCain Campain is dedicated to getting Tina Faye back to SNL. Actually, I think they have been hired to write for them. --- And saving Katie Couric's Career.
Team McCain tells me the strategy of having Palin talk to traditional broadcast networks ABC and CBS was designed to allow Palin to reach the maximum number of viewers. "Coming off her tremendous performance at the convention, our goal was to allow as many Americans as possible an opportunity to see her answer questions about her record, her biography and her principles and convictions on as large a stage as possible," one campaign source told me this afternoon. The new CBS interviews, to be done tomorrow, are intended to keep Palin in the public eye as she prepares for Thursday's debate.

Yes. This is TOTALLY the kind of publicity Palin needs! Totally. Otherwise we would forget about Sarah Palin. More Sarah. We need to know MORE about Sarah. Like this:

It's actually a brilliant Strategy for the McCain campaign. At this point... if Sarah remembers her name on Thursday many people will be happy. Sarah has been in the public spotlight for a month now and if I cared to, I would come up with a greatest hits list for her bumbles. (those bumbles, I might add are '1 heartbeat away from a 72 year old heart')

In the meantime, I am still awed by the performance of John McCain Friday night. It wasn't what he said (which has thoroughly and rightfully been discussed) It was his body language... no wait.. it was his Language, that blew me away. He was a man who looked angry, impatient and cranky. He could not look at Obama. He twitched, smirked and mocked. This was not a presidential candidate, this was a truly angry, cranky old man. He could not keep that temper under control. He cursed twice.. There are a lot more video's of this out there, but I like this one best.

This week should be interesting. Sarah and John... Dumb and Angry. I would find it Hard to work for 2 people like this, much less have them in charge of the country, and yet, this is what the GOP is hoping America will elect. Totally inept is this team, and yet, people still think that this is the best America has to offer. John McCain was right. This is Horseshit.

The reality is this... we cannot sit back and relax. The polls are still close, and they will STILL try to steal our votes. We have a lot of work to do before November 4th. I see the finish line but I know that we still have a ways to go.
:peace: and :heart:

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