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This is all real.
Author: Raine    Date: 09/24/2018 12:55:17

Good Morning. It's no psychic prediction to say that this morning will be more chaotic than usual. You may know by now that another accuser came forward. I would like to believe that this nomination is all but done, That said these are highly abnormal times.

Up in NYC, today marks the beginning of the UN General Assembly. Already, the headlines and stories are being written.
“The forces opposing us in Washington are the same people who squandered trillions of dollars overseas, who sacrificed our sovereignty, who shipped away our jobs, who oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Thursday. “In 2016, the American people voted to reject this corrupt globalism. Hey, I’m the president of the United States — I’m not the president of the globe.”

Amid all of this was an interview the Occupant of the White House gave to Geraldo Rivera. The NYT reports that he was asked about DAG Rosenstein and his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.
“I don’t want to comment on it until I get all the facts,” Mr. Trump said when asked if he would fire Mr. Rosenstein. “I haven’t gotten all the facts, but certainly it’s being looked at in terms of what took place. If anything took place and I’ll make a determination sometime later, but I don’t have the facts.”

Mr. Trump asserted that he was not worried about his former personal attorney, Michael D. Cohen, who is talking with Mr. Mueller’s prosecutors after pleading guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and other crimes.

“No, I’m not, because I’m an honest guy,” Mr. Trump said. “And that stuff is unrelated to me. And that was Michael did that stuff. And Michael I mean you know, you know I have many, many lawyers. I have very big law firms I have that do my work.”

Buckle up, Friends. This week is gonna be a month.




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