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Supreme Circus of the United States
Author: BobR    Date: 10/04/2018 14:29:00

The Kavanaugh/SCOTUS confirmation process just needs an emcee and a tent to completely become the absurd circus it already is. Nearly a week ago, the FBI was supposedly given instruction to do more of a background investigation. Initially, that seemed like good news, but it's apparent that it came with strings (or - more aptly - reins) attached. It seems they were only supposed to talk to those witnesses directly associated with the one night in question regarding the attack on Dr. Ford.

There are dozens of people who were ex-classmates of Kavanaugh whom the FBI never contacted. The FBI report won't be made public (unless a Dem leaks it), so we may never know how extensive it really is.

tRump made matters exponentially worse when he mocked Dr. Ford at one of his ego-stroking "rallies". This pissed off the "undecided three" (Collins, Murkowski, and cowardly fence-sitter Jeff Flake) Republicans, and caused yet another Republican senator to come down hard on tRump for his comments. That senator (Ben Sasse R-NE) had previously suggested tRump nominate a woman. So there's still no guarantee the Republicans will vote in unison when it gets to a floor vote.

You'd almost think tRump was purposely trying to derail the proceedings. It's certainly possible. He would probably rather withdraw the nomination than see his pick not get confirmed on votes.

Anyway - if you get beyond the "he said / they said" of Kavanaugh's unsavory (at best) past, there's the more important aspect of the here and now: his temperament, his partisan bias, and the very provable evidence that he deliberately lied to Congress in his testimony. This lengthy article enumerates numerous other instances (some a little dicey, but most are enough to warrant being charged with Lying to Congress).

With the ABA, Yale, and the Jesuits all chiming in their support for not confirming, this circus may actually burn the tent down. It's going to be a weird couple of days.


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