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Collision Course with Disaster
Author: BobR    Date: 01/23/2019 14:45:16

As we enter the 32nd day (!!) of the federal government shutdown, things are really starting to get dicey. At this point, government workers are facing a 2nd paycheck cycle with no paycheck. Some who have to work despite the shutdown (like air traffic controllers) are having to choose between gas for the car to get to their non-paying job, or feeding their kids.

Senate majority evil bastard leader Mitch McConnell is finally scheduling a vote on the House bill passed back when the House opened the current session (which is essentially the last bill the republican-led Senate passed back in December). The Senate is also voting on a bill that includes the wall funding tRumpy is requesting.

Per the CNN article, "both proposals are expected to fail at this point because either would need 60 votes to advance". This is aggravating because that means that Republicans who voted (unanimously) for the no-wall funding bill previously in December are now going to vote against it? It's partisan hackery at its worst.

Even if a miracle occurs, and the Senate passes the bill with enough votes to override tRumpy's veto, the bill was written back at the end of December, with enough temporary funding to get the government through until early February, which is just a week and a half away.

Assuming the worst (i.e.: neither bill passes), it won't just be federal workers running out of money. On February 1st, we start running into serious problems:
Federal courts are expected to run out of money on Feb. 1 after stretching fees and other “no-year” funds during the partial government shutdown, the administrative agency for the judiciary said today.

When the money runs out, each court will have to determine how many staffers must stay on without pay to support “mission critical work.”


The Justice Department has also asked courts to temporarily put on hold some cases in which the federal government is a party until the shutdown ends.

For example, DOJ recently asked for a delay in the legal fight over the fate of Obamacare. And a legal battle has stalled over Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' proposed overhaul of rules for how schools handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Yes, that's right. The Justice Department will run out of money (as - I'm sure - will other departments in the government). Guess what department is running the Mueller investigation.


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