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What now?
Author: Raine    Date: 01/24/2019 14:03:55

They say the show must go one, but I am ready for this reality show to end.

After trying to bluff Speaker Pelosi with his SOTU stunt, she made clear that he is not welcome to deliver the State of address in the people's house. She rescinded her invitation formally after her strong suggest he delay it until the Government is open and workers get paid.

But Trump tried it anyway. And he probably gave himself no choice but to back down. If you were him, do you show up to deliver the speech and risk being turned away by the House sergeant-at-arms? To do so would be to run afoul of the law. And even if it worked, it would mean delivering a speech to a chamber that might be empty or include no Democrats. Pelosi also controls the cameras and audio.

In the end, Trump placed a bet on a strategy that seemed unlikely to bear fruit unless Pelosi shocked everyone by reversing course. But the gamble was always liable to backfire.

Everyone is looking for a sign of weakness in the other side’s shutdown resolve. On Wednesday, Trump tried to find Pelosi’s; instead, he outed himself as a bluffer.

The thing here is that this is not a game. People are suffering and him delivering the speech in the People's House is salt in an already deep wound that the occupant of the White House has inflicted to the Nation.

The government must be opened. Human beings are being held hostage and are being forced to work for no pay. When does this end?


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