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Zero Hero
Author: Raine    Date: 01/31/2019 13:58:45

I can't help but assume this person has a fair amount of money in his bank account. With the brutal and dangerously cold weather taking over much of the country, I was heartened to read this story.
A good Samaritan has offered to spring for hotel rooms for 70 people who were camped out in tents overnight in the bitter cold after their propane tanks were confiscated, leaving them without any source of heat. (snip)

Rachev was not sure of the identity of the good Samaritan and only knew the hotel was on the city’s South Side.

“All the folks there, some wonderful citizen is going to put all of them up at a hotel for the rest of the week,” she said.

If only more people could use thier resources to help out those who are in need.

This person is a hero.

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