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Booker for President
Author: TriSec    Date: 02/02/2019 11:09:19

Good Morning!

Election Day 2020 is 640 days away. Have you made your choice?

Well, I sure hope not! But it is the nature of our system that candidates start running for elections nearly as soon as the previous election is complete.

Of course you know my peripatetic Senator Warren is running for the same office. Liberal Confession: I don't like her. There's a multitude of reasons...but my biggest beef with her all along has been that she is the "Liberal's Trump", and I'm not using that as an insult.

Think about it though - Trump is so divisive and polarizing...if somebody you know supports Mr. Trump, you can automatically make assumptions that probably aren't that far from the truth. The candidate on our side that has reached that same level of divisiveness and polarization is our our Senator. It feels like it's been decades of division and opposition going on in the highest halls of government, and a Senator Warren would only further broaden that divide. This is not the kind of candidate we need at this moment in time.

I'm not sure how she comes across outside this fair Commonwealth, but there has long been the thought here, not without justification, that her career has been spent in opposition of Trump and in preparation for running for the Presidency herself. Honestly - I can't say what she's done as a Senator except attack the President.

I once said something similar about another candidate from Massachusetts, I think she would make a terrific administrator, maybe even a cabinet secretary or department head....but President? Never. I was proven right with former Secretary of State John Kerry.

My hoped-for candidate of choice has long been Senator Corey Booker of New Jersey. As he started climbing the ranks, I had the same thought as the Emperor..."This one I shall watch with interest."

He seems to have the right temperment. He's been in the trenches, done things that most of the candidates have not, and is even a Rhodes Scholar, which would be a welcome change from the current occupant. Mr. Booker's website is not fully fleshed-out, so what I can glean of his positions currently comes from Wikipedia:

As senator, his voting record was measured as the third most liberal.

Considered a social liberal, Booker supports women's rights, affirmative action, same-sex marriage and single-payer healthcare. During his five years in office, Booker co-sponsored and voted for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (2013), tougher sanctions against Iran, sponsored the Bipartisan Budget Act (2013), voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (2014), co-sponsored the Respect for Marriage Act (2014) and led the push to pass the First Step Act (2018).

In 2017, he became the first sitting senator to testify against another when he testified against Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearing. In April 2018, following the FBI raid on the offices of Michael Cohen–U.S. President Donald Trump's personal attorney–Booker together with Chris Coons, Lindsey Graham, and Thom Tillis, introduced the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act to limit the executive powers of Trump.

I like a lot of what I'm seeing and reading.....but can this attract the kind of national traction any candidate needs to win?

Only time will tell.


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