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State of the Union: Screwed
Author: BobR    Date: 02/06/2019 14:17:10

Last night, pResident tRump finally gave his belated SOTU speech to a joint session of Congress. I will confess upfront that I did not have the stomach to watch it. I have skimmed through the full transcript, and it's about what I expected. Given that someone else wrote it for him, and he rarely went off-script, he came across as a more subdued and reasonable version of his acidic, acerbic, and bombastic personality.

He tried to take credit for Obama's economic recovery (which is still on the same trajectory) and the high level of energy production.

He called for an end to the investigation of himself, blaming it on partisanship, when it's well-known that most of the players in the Mueller investigation are Republicans.

He introduced his props - er... "guests", a tradition I've found increasingly awkward and annoying (regardless of the party of the president giving the SOTU).

He once again characterized refugees as an "onslaught" of "organized caravans" that must be repelled, and referred to our southern border as "dangerous". He highlighted the statistical minority of crimes committed by "illegal immigrants" and pointed out some of the victims' survivors, again - props... er "guests" in the gallery. All of this was pretext for him trying to sell his vanity-project WALL.

He talked about trade with China, and NAFTA, and tariffs.

He then went on to his domestic policy, which covered drug prices, medical care, infrastructure, and - yes, he went there - abortion.

Then he bounced back to the military and foreign policy.

Apparently, there was an interesting moment where he took credit for an increase in female employment. The dressed-in-white women of the Democratic party stood and cheered, which seemed to baffle him. Here's a clue, tRumpy: yes, you WERE the reason so many more women are in Congress - all on the Democratic side, voted in to counteract your toxic narcissism.

There were definitely areas where he stretched the truth. I am not going to list them all, but CNN has a fact-check list here.

GA gubernatorial candidate (the one who was beaten due to voter suppression by the winning candidate - GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp) gave the Democratic rebuttal. I don't have the time or space to parse that out - you can watch/read the transcript at the link.

NPR provided some key takeaways from the SOTU. What were the key moments for you?


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