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Growing pains
Author: Raine    Date: 02/07/2019 14:05:19

It's really hard to contemplate the bad things we are hearing coming out of Virginia when we have a white supremacist occupying the White House. I do not condone blackface.

Having said that, this twitter thread captures so much of what I wanted to express today.

There is no perfect person, we all have blemishes, mistakes and things we regret in our past. this is what grabbed me:
People who are comfortable being exactly what they have been, people who think that their lives were settled at age 18, or when they graduated college, or when they started their career or some other milestones are not built for it. They aren’t the leaders we want or need.

I once dressed as Boy George for a high school Lip sync contest. I am truly wondering if someone could accuse me of mocking the LGBTQ community for that. That would be silly, right? or would it?

The biggest issue and this is not meant to dismiss blackface, is institutional racism. The very idea that anyone thought it was okay in the 80's, tells me that the problem is far bigger, and deeper than the actions. Our 'original sin,' it has been said, was slavery. Our nation was built on the idea that White people were born on third base, and that continues to this day.



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