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Ask a Vet
Author: TriSec    Date: 03/12/2019 09:37:43

Good Morning.

It's a very quiet day on the veteran's front. Ordinarily, I'd categorize that as a good thing, but I'm afraid there may be something deeper at work here.

For several decades now, military news and concerns have been easy to come by. Being at war, and caring for veterans of those wars, have always been reported strongly and well, even if it remained a special-interest area.

But over the last few weeks now, there's been a certain 'sameness' to military news. My usual sources have started moving away from reporting on real veterans - it's now starting to shift to the constant "readiness" complaints heard from the high commands; focuses on technology, new equipment...but very little news about actual veterans.

What I do find are now becoming rehashes of stories we've reported here previously, and while there are always new developments on issues we've tracked here for years, I must ask "Where are the new stories now?"

Is it Trump?

While independent journalists are still doing their thing and constantly running afoul of the current occupant of the White House...both the "Military News" and "Military Times" websites are actually run by the military to provide news to active duty personnel and their families.

I think it's telling that those sources are becoming more narrow-focused and propaganda-like.

TriSec is deeply disturbed by all this, and is now seeking newer and/or better sources for our "Ask a Vet" research.


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