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A drop of lemonade
Author: Raine    Date: 07/29/2019 13:04:22

The occupant of the White House has gone full bore racist in the past few weeks. From his attacks on the 'Squad', Chairman Elijah Cummings and now civil rights leader Reverend Sharpton it is clear that he just doesn't care to have any pretense at all.

There are many theories out there about his new and even worse than abnormal terrible behavior. Has his mental health has taken a more sharp turn for the worse? Is this meant as a distraction for something about to be revealed? Is it his new campaign tactic?

I don't know, and part of me doesn't care. We who marinate in the goings-on in politics and social issues knew this about him forever. The difference is now, it is so blatant that even those who don't pay attention have to see it for what it is. It's pure, unveiled hate towards those that don't look like him.

I pray that one day there will be a takeaway from this horrible place. I pray that many good-hearted people who are not racist, but are white and don't see foundational racism and the subtle bigotry that occurs benign to them in the way they talk becomes apparent and they can learn from it. I hope they learn that left unchecked, they have allowed an openly white nationalist to lead this country.

I'm not talking about the tRump cult, I am talking about those that just don't see the effect it has on other people's lives. Your friend who says, I don't mind migrants here, 'I just wish they'd speak English', or, 'That city?I heard it's dangerous'

I hope the things that are being sent out into the world from this horrible occupant give pause to people to maybe stop and think about how they casually talk and learn that maybe other people hear things a little bit differently than the way it might be intended from the person speaking the words.

Sometimes, when you see bigotry, you have to speak up even if you think it might not be a big deal. It is painful, I know from personal experience.

Sometimes, I have to search deep for hope, today this is where I am at.



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