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A Modest Suggestion
Author: Raine    Date: 08/07/2019 12:09:13

Do you want this epidemic of mass murderers to stop in the United States of America?

Here is my suggestion. Stop trying to "other" people. Stop believing it’s mental illness, video games and whatever excuse we hear for the causes of mass murder. Stop making excuses for why some White Man killed innocent victims. Just a few years ago, we called these shooters lone wolves. We don’t anymore because they are in networks that foment violence. They are networking and they have support to commit acts of violence. It’s happening online.

I’m a Democrat, as most people who know me, know. You might not be a Democrat, and - in the past - I was fine with that. I have had deep and very passionate debates with many friends about policies. Now, what I am about to say is not me asking you to adopt my policy position or beliefs. What we are seeing in this country, my country — your country — is so much more important.

If you want to stop the onslaught of mass murders in this nation and if you want to stop domestic terrorism it is time to elect more people from the Democratic Party.

I have said this before, vote the party out that won’t speak out against white supremacy, domestic terrorism and then we can talk about policy differences. The GOP is not the party of Reagan. It’s not even the party of "W"; it's a party that is actively supporting it's desire to keep it's power over any morality.

They will not speak against the racist rhetoric the President of the United States spews online and in live appearances. To my fellow conservatives, the idea that "both sides do it" is not only unhelpful, it feeds into the hate that only fuels more hate.

I will not debate excuses for what is happening right in front of our eyes in this nation. I will not debate conspiracy theories that only exacerbate and fuel the desire to murder. Too often the perpetrators of these crimes seek confirmation bias via conspiracy theories that further the ‘otherisation’ that white supremacy needs to exist.

Hate crimes are on the rise, this is a fact. The FBI has said White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism is one the biggest safety threats in our nation. You might not think it’s you that is a problem, and if you are my friend, I am not calling you out. Here is where I beg you all to take pause and consider my words. I ask you that you go deeper than the visceral reaction that you might be having. I have said racist things and have had a visceral reaction when called out, years ago. Over time, I’ve learned to take time to think about what I have said instead of becoming defensive.

(If it helps, the things I’ve learned are not exclusive to race issues, it is a LOT of issues. Not one of us is perfect — perfection is not about a destination, but a journey. I digress)

All that said — until we change the leadership in the United States Senate, nothing will change. There will be more mass murders in this country. Until we collectively vote the party that is indebted to the NRA out of office, more people will be killed. Are you willing to wait until it's a friend or family member of yours? Right now this BIPARTISAN bill is being blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from not only a vote, but from being discussed at all in committees. The bill is dead in the Senate. Please do something to stop this madness. Please help to stop the next mass murder. This is about more than guns. Please help stop what we are seeing.

I say this because at the rate we are going, it will be you, or me, or my friend, or a family member dead because of a violent political and social ideology. Vote the GOP out. Force them to reconsider where they are going by taking away their power to prop up hate crimes and white supremacy that is now resulting in innocent people being slaughtered.

Vote the GOP out. After that happens, we can go back to actually having serious policy differences and discussing them. The GOP refuses to function for the good of our entire country.

Right now the house is on fire, we need to put the fire out. We need to reject White Supremacy and Mass Murder. Get rid of them and let’s sort things out later.



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