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Author: Raine    Date: 10/14/2019 12:57:43

Politics is about improving lives. It’s about advancing justice and equality no matter what form. It’s about making sure everyone gets the same shot.

“Politics about doing well for the people.”

The same goes for Self-Governance. Here in the USA we are self-governed. We elect people who we feel will best represent us in a democratic republic. That starts from the village, town or precinct we live in.

Governance is about improving lives. Governance starts from the bottom. That is what our constitution has relied upon.

If you want things to change, I implore you to stop assuming that everything is corrupt or all sides are the same; I promise you: they are not. Both sides are not the same as well.

Instead of asking what are politicians pushing upon me, start asking: What do you want? What you want is groups or issues be more recognized far quicker in a local setting — build a community from there.

Ask yourself only ANY individual issue that you want. Then find elected officials or candidates who support your issue.

Then support them ON THAT ISSUE. Don’t ever be afraid to tell them that you are questioning the stances they might have on other issues. Tell them your concerns. Tell them you feel underrepresented.

We are just as responsible as the officials we elect to make this country a place where polices improves people's lives. We have to push them to do the right thing.

Most of all. NEVER give up. Just a reminder that when you feel hopeless or find a friend who does, share this with them.




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