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Blue, Blue the Country's Blue
Author: BobR    Date: 11/06/2019 13:46:04

Yesterday was election day, albeit a rather small off-off-year one. We voted for mayor and city council, and I am sure there were others around the country. The big races, however, were in VA, KY, and MI. The results were VERY good for Democrats.

VA voted for its legislature, which has been controlled by Republicans for years. Two years ago, with control of the House of Delegates hanging in the balance, there was an actual tie between the Democrat and Republican for one district, and the winner (the Republican) was chosen by (not kidding) drawing a name from a hat. This year (as far as we can tell), there are no tied races, and the Democrats won control of both the House of Delegates AND the Senate. This means the Democrats control the legislature AND the Governor's Mansion. VA is one of the last states that could finally pass the ERA and get moving along to be added to the Constitution. For Virginians, it also means common-sense gun laws and health care help.

In Kentucky, it appears the Democratic challenger to the Republican incumbent has won that race. The Republican (Bevin) has not conceded, although the Democrat (Beshear) has claimed victory. Right now, the difference in votes is about 5000, or less than 1%, so a recount seems likely (and warranted). Considering this is a statewide election, this has to have Moscow Mitch dropping deuces in his Depends, since his Senate seat is also a statewide election. This should energize the Anybody But Mitch crowd to really push into next year's election.

In Mississippi, the Republican candidate for governor won. There is still a lot to be encouraged about, though, because he only won by 6 percentage points. Three years ago, tRumpy won the state by 18 points, and the last election for governor, the Republican won by about 30%. This shows that tRumps horrible policies, complete ineptness in office, and acidic personality are turning even the deepest of the red states in a more purple direction.

As a harbinger of things to come, these results are very good for the Dems, and very bad for the Reps. Take heart, and never let anything prevent you from voting!


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