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It begins.
Author: Raine    Date: 11/13/2019 13:58:50

Today is the beginning of the open testimony in the tRump impeachment inquiry. I'll admit it, I am nervous.

I have full expectations that the Republicans will pull as many stunts as they can get away with. They are clearly in total denial that the occupant of the White house admitted to extorting the President of Ukraine for political purposes.

Law professor Joyce Vance writes in Time magazine that all of the defenses the administration and supports have thrown at the wall will fail. For Example, that claim that the call to the leader of Ukraine was "perfect":
The Reality: Despite what Trump has claimed repeatedly, anyone who followed the president’s directive to “read the transcript”— actually a memo of the conversation that at least one witness has told Congress excluded some pertinent information — knows that even this sanitized version of the President’s call exposes the scheme to public view. Rudy Giuliani, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and Trump appointees Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland and Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker worked toward the call where Trump would tell Zelensky, “I would like you to do us a favor” and ask for the announcement of an investigation that everyone now knows was about Joe Biden and his son. Trump was intent on extracting the favor before he would permit the purchase of American military equipment and release over $400 million in aid to Ukraine, which suffered the loss of 13,000 people in five years during the conflict with Russia, and agree to meet with Zelensky. Far from a perfect call, it was a scheme to have a foreign country intervene in our election. It was so far off the mark that when White House officials learned about it, they stashed the record of it on a highly classified server, apparently in hopes it wouldn’t come to light. You don’t have to cover up legitimate government operations.

What amazes me most this morning is that this is the second time in my adult life that we are witnessing a president facing impeachment. We've been told that this somber occasion is a rarity, and it is. For the good of our Nation's future, I hope it is the last in my lifetime.

So, here we go.



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