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Is That All You've Got?
Author: BobR    Date: 11/20/2019 14:19:21

Anybody who watched any of the impeachment hearings yesterday could see that the Republicans have nothing - and they know it. All they have is posturing, character assassination, and demagoguery.

They pretty much followed the same pattern as before. The Democratic counsel asked a series of fact-finding questions, followed by the Republican counsel asking for opinions. Democrats sought to establish the facts and timeline, and Republicans attempted to paint the witnesses as biased with hidden motivations. It was insinuation by question, and poorly disguised.

Lt. Colonel Vindman wore his "dress blues" and requested that a Republican refer to him by rank because of the questions to his patriotism that have been percolating in the media (in this case - FOX "News"). This resulted in criticism from the Republicans. You know - the "Support the Troops" Republicans. It was the sort of thing that had the roles been reversed and the Democrats did that, the outcry from the Republicans (and conservative pundits) would have been loud and incessant, with lots of gnashing of teeth and condemnation of the entire Democratic party.

The president already confessed to the crime in the official transcript release. These hearings are for the Democrats to use testimony from key witnesses to put that confession into context. It frames it in a "what is normal", what led up to it, and what happened after it. What was the mindset of the president, based on his statements and directives?

So the Republicans are left with smearing the witnesses and trying to find out who the whistleblower was (as if the identity matters). The identity and his/her motivations are completely irrelevant, but they are trying to act as if there's some secret cabal to oust pResident tRump.

Ultimately, this WILL get voted on, and WILL get sent to the Senate. The Republicans are trying to taint the evidence and make this case about something that it is not - a coup. It is a clear story that shows the president misusing his power in a way that should resonate with all Americans. It's akin to a mobster who commits all sorts of heinous crimes, but ultimately goes to jail for income tax evasion. Whether there are enough senators with intestinal fortitude to vote for his expulsion remains to be seen. A party line vote would ensure he stays where he is until Jan 21, 2021.

He has done worse, but this is a slam-dunk from a legal perspective, and the Republicans know it. They hate the idea of losing their useful idiot in the White House, and the draw he brings to the polls. Recent elections show that he no longer pulls in the voters, so it's curious they are fighting so hard and making themselves look so craven to a monster.

Especially when they know he's guilty, and the evidence is clear. They've got nothing, and their tactics just make them look foolish and partisan. Give it up.


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