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Something good, something Kind.
Author: Raine    Date: 12/12/2019 14:06:51

In these days of constant drudgery, I wanted to share a simple story of kindness that I hope will spread. There is video at the link
When the 198 employees at St. John Properties, a real estate company headquartered in Maryland, attended their annual holiday party, many expected food, drinks and good company. No one could predict what was inside of the red envelope handed out to each of them.

"You're all participating in a bonus based on the number of years [of service] of $10 million," company founder and chairman Edward St. John announced at the party. The workers were stunned to find out that on average, they'd each be going home $50,000 richer. The highest bonus awarded was $270,000.
The bonues were based on Tenure at the company. WaPo writes:
“I steer the boat, but they’re the ones that run the boat,” St. John said. “They’re the ones that make the boat go.” Video from the event at The Grand showed teary eyed employees embracing the CEO and other executives after opening the envelopes. “He just paid my house off,” one man told the camera, gesturing toward St. John. One woman told company leaders she planned to buy a Corvette. Others said they would be able to pay off their children’s tuition.

“I kept hearing, ‘I am finally debt-free for the first time in my life,’” Maykrantz said.

Danielle Velenzia, who has worked for St. John Properties for 19 years, had to pause to collect herself as she considered the impact of her bonus. The accounts payable specialist said in the company video that it was “huge” as a mother of five and grandmother of five who took in her in-laws several years ago.

I hope more company Presidents understand the impact their employees make when it comes to profits. Good for this real extate company. It's so much better than the Jelly of the month club.



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