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Sleight of Hand
Author: BobR    Date: 05/13/2020 13:01:18

As adults, everyone knows that magicians aren't really using magic. They use stagecraft and "sleight of hand" to perform illusions that sometimes boggle the mind and leave us scratching our heads. That latter technique (sleight of hand) is a method where the get the audience focused on one hand while the other is pulling a ball out their pocket. In a word - it's distraction.

That also appears to be this administration's sole technique for dealing with the coronavirus epidemic (with help from his ardent supporters). They've already badly bungled the response by disbanding the pandemic response unit (that President Obama had put in place), and never took it seriously until it was too late. So while the scramble trying unsuccessfully to put the toothpaste back into the tube, they are desperately trying to shift blame and provide some kind of red meat for the tRump cultists (it IS an election year, after all).

He's been calling for states to reopen, targeting swing states and states with Democratic governors. This was a stochastic terrorist message to prompt protests by white supremacist gun nuts. It worked.

FOX "News" and other sycophants are trying to demonize Dr. Fauci, who is the lone voice of reason (for now) out of this administration. FTucker Carlson called him a "buffon". I couldn't bring myself to even watch this video which tries to shift blame to the Obama administration with the claim that the NIH (lead by Dr. Fauci) gave $3.7M to a - *gasp* - Wuhan lab during the Obama administration. You know what THAT means, right? *wink* *wink* Snopes clarifies this claim, but of course the paranoid conspiracy theorists will tell you that Snopes is funded by George Soros (it's not), so you can't believe ANYTHING they write (despite the reality that they provide all their well-researched sources).

It started off with the claim that Obama did nothing, which is patently false. However, since President Obama ripped into tRump, you KNOW tRump was seething. He took the less-than-careful step of announcing that his administration would be investigating Obama, without actually saying why. There have been hints it might be about Flynn. He spoke about it at a presser a couple days ago; it didn't go well.

What our country needs now is a game plan, a concerted effort, and bipartisan efforts to contain outbreaks. However, the bungling magician trying to pull a dove about of his coat sleeve has shown himself over the past 3 years to be incapable of getting past his ego and hubris, so expect more of this shit-show in the coming weeks and months.


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