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One Day...
Author: Raine    Date: 06/25/2020 12:56:49

I just want one day of peace. A day without embarrassment, rage, disappointment, and fear from the occupant of the White House.

I want one day where I don't have to be bothered by his corruption, immorality, crimes and hate speech.

I want one day to get away from this insanity.

My youth and early years as an adult were really tough, but the one thing I always had -- even subconsciously -- was a backup plan, a way to escape. Under this maladministration there no way to escape it. If things keep going this way we won't even be able to leave the country for respite. The European Union is considering banning Americans from traveling.
As European countries prepare to reopen their borders to international travel, officials at the European Commission have been working with member states on advising which visitors might be considered safe to visit from July 1.

While multiple sources told CNN they had not seen lists of specific countries, officials said they were working on criteria that would be used to draw up guidance. Discussions were ongoing, the sources said.

The guidance will be based on how countries of origin are managing the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when some parts of the world are seeing cases surge. "The criteria will be focused on circulation of the virus," said one EU diplomat, adding that Brussels is looking to keep out travelers from countries "where the virus is circulating most actively."

In 2016 the occupant wanted to build a wall.
now, in 2020 the world appears to be building a wall around the 'united' States.

Is one day of peace too much to ask? Stay safe out there.




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