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Two Months
Author: BobR    Date: 09/02/2020 12:52:55

It's hard to believe it's only 2 months until election day. There are a mere 63 days until Americans have a chance to have their voices heard. That assumes, of course, that their voices WILL be heard. With the US Postal Service under attack, and polling places closing due to lack of volunteers (not to mention outright interference by Republican-controlled election boards), it will be a challenge to ensure everyone who wants to vote can do so, and ensure their votes are counted correctly.

There are also the outside influences trying to affect the outcome of the election. Four years ago, it was clear the Russia interfered in our election, and that tRump welcomed it. It's no surprise that it's happening again. Also - as during the first years of the tRump "Administration", he is actively trying to supress information about it:
In early July the Department of Homeland Security withheld publication of an intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of a Russian scheme to promote “allegations about the poor mental health” of former Vice President Joe Biden, according to internal emails and a draft of the document obtained by ABC News.

The draft bulletin, titled “Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,” was submitted to the agency’s legislative and public affairs office for review on July 7. The analysis was not meant for public consumption, but it was set to be distributed to federal, state and local law enforcement partners two days later, on July 9, the emails show.

Just one hour after its submission, however, a senior DHS official intervened.

“Please hold on sending this one out until you have a chance to speak to [acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf]," wrote DHS Chief of Staff John Gountanis, according to an email obtained by ABC News.

That was nearly two months ago. But the bulletin was never circulated.

It's pretty obvious that tRump is using these false allegations in his campaign, even going so far to say that Senator Biden is on some sort of performance-enhancing drug:
“I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible,” said Trump. “I watched him in the Bernie debate and he was normal. He wasn't Winston Churchill but he was normal.”

Trump compared that debate to an earlier debate in the Democratic primaries in which Kamala Harris took Biden to task for his political track record.

When Ingraham asked Trump what drug he thinks Biden is taking, the president responded, “Well, he is on some kind of enhancement, in my opinion.”

While Trump believes Biden is taking some type of enhancement drug, moments later he claimed Biden lacks the mental faculties to be president.

Trump said, “Look, Joe Biden doesn't know he's alive but let's see how it all turns out.”

It truly is the worst kind of projection for tRump - an obvious Adderall addict - to accuse Biden of using any drugs whatsoever. But then - projection is tRump's main tactic, isn't it?

We Americans need to ensure he loses that power, and loses the presidency. Sixty-three more days... let's make them count.


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