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Veep Debate - the Fly in the Ointment
Author: BobR    Date: 10/08/2020 13:03:05

Last night was the one and only vice-presidential debate for the 2020 presidential election. It was much more... civilized than the first presidential debate (which was a shit-show). This one flew by insect - I mean in seconds, compared to the previous debate. But as the saying goes: time flies when... when...

Fly!... Fly!... OHMIGOD - there was FLY in Pence's hair!!! - and it stayed there for minutes!!

Whew - sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Yes, it's true - a fly landed in Pence's hair at one point and stayed there for what was apparently two minutes but seemed like forever. If ever there was a sign or a visual metaphor for the quantity of bullshit pouring out of Pence - this was it.

Harris had to correct him several times, and he still went back and repeated his talking point lies. It's quite telling that this fact-check site is nearly all about the exaggerations and outright nonsense that Pence spewed. With tRump, you know you are never going to get the truth - he lies reflexively, as if telling the truth every once in a while would be dangerous. Pence, however, has that sheen of respectability. He's an evangelical for Christ's sake (pun intended). That makes it that much more dangerous that he can calmly, coolly, tell bald-faced lies, knowing full well that he will be fact-checked.

Pence did interrupt Harris a few times (not nearly as egregious as tRump did with Biden), but Harris was not having it. She would give Pence a withering look and tell him "I'm talking now". Both candidates would run over the time allotted by the moderator for answers, but Pence was WAY more guilty of this than Harris. Harris tended to acknowledge the time and then provide a quick wrap-up. Pence would keep droning on requiring the moderator to admonish him several times. Harris gave well-crafted and earnestly-delivered responses. Pence appeared to be hopping from one prepared talking to another like a game of whack-a-mole.

As in any debate, there was a tendency with both candidates to not answer the question asked, pivoting instead to the talking points they had prepared. What made it more aggravating is that Pence would then act upset when his time was up and acted like he hadn't had the opportunity to answer the question.

Once the debate was finished, the post-debate spouse appearance underscored the differences between the candidates. Harris's husband appeared wearing a mask, and the two embraced. Pence's wife ("Mother"), was not wearing a mask, and they stood there awkwardly holding hands.

Whether this debate changed anyone's mind about who to vote for remains in doubt. What it DID do, however, is show that Harris is ready to step in as president, should the need arise. Hopefully, those leaning towards Biden will be reassured and make the commitment. Considering that tRump wouldn't hand the reigns to Pence when he went to Walter Reed for COVID-19 speaks volumes about the two presidential candidates' confidence in their running mates.

No word on the health of the fly. I await the tRump campaign to claim that Biden paid it to land on Pence's head.

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