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Bungling Toward Incompetence
Author: BobR    Date: 11/11/2020 14:08:14

One week ago, America awoke to the possibility that president-elect Joe Biden just might pull this out. All of the in-person voting results had been returned, showing a slight tRump lead, but as the absentee ballot count progressed, it was clear that Biden was closing the gap. By Friday it seemed pretty clear that Biden was going to be the winner, and on Saturday all of the news networks (including FOX "News"!) DID call it. There was much rejoicing, as smart people with a conscience flooded the streets in cities across the country (and across the world) to dance and celebrate the End of an Error.

Surprisingly, pResident tRump took this with an unexpected air of humility and graciousness.

HA-HA, kidding of course. As expected, he took it as well as a toddler being dragged out of the toy aisle at Wal-Mart. He fumed and tweeted and refused to concede. As of this writing, he still hasn't. He and his allies are fighting back against the cheating and "illegal ballots" they insist must exist, because they can't comprehend that tRump would lose. That 4+M popular vote edge must all be fake.

To accomplish this, they are pulling out all of the stops. They've filed lawsuits in the swing states where tRump won in 2016 and lost this year. All of those suits so far have been tossed by the courts because they lack any type of evidence. Former chief-of-staff for tRump (Mick Mulvaney) is even telling tRump to put up or shut up.

The Republican PA legislature is going to take a close look to see if they can find any rigmarole going on, even though they have no evidence. SoS Pompeo - when asked about a transition - smirked and replied that it would be a smooth transition to a 2nd tRump term.

The question the press should be asking them is: If the Dems were going to "rig" the election for tRump to win, why wouldn't they do the same to oust Moscow Mitch? Why would they allow House seats to be lost? Why wouldn't they also ensure the Dems took the Senate. After all - all of these races are voted for on the same ballots.

The perfect metaphor for the tRump administration's (and campaign's) incompetence happened over the weekend when they apparently accidentally booked a press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping (instead of at the Four Seasons Hotel). The pushed on through it as if that was their plan all along, despite it being in a rather drab area on the outskirts of Philadelphia, next door to a porn shop and across the street from a crematorium. It looked like something out of "Veep". To make the absurdity complete, they had a convicted sex offender who may or may not have been a resident of Philly there as a featured guest, and some guy in his underwear, wearing a Biden mask was yelling nonsense.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Yesterday, one week after the election, Eric Trump tweeted to "Get Out And Vote!".

Meanwhile, the White House is a coronavirus breeding facility, with people contracting COVID-19 on a regular basis, including Ben Carson and tRump's election challenge lawsuit lawyer. (Also - they apparently can't find the light switches, so they're having meetings in the dark. I am not making this up)

There is some concern with tRump firing a lot of officials, including the head of the EPA and several defense-related positions. Is he trying to stage a coup? I have a little more faith in our military than that (especially today - Veteran's Day). There is also the previously noted bungling incompetence and sickly staff. He's insulted the military more than once, and they do respect the chain of command, so when Biden is sworn in on Jan 20th, he will be the new Command in Chief. It will take a lot more than his small circle of sycophants and family members to pull off what the entire south couldn't do 155 years ago.

Inauguration Day is just over 2 months away. I can smell the fresh air already.

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