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The End of an Error
Author: BobR    Date: 2021-01-20 13:00:00

Four years ago, our country (and the rest of world) was tilted on its axis. The keys to the most powerful office in the world were handed over to an immature, incompetent, narcissistic psycho who proceeded to destroy every norm we have held for decades. The term "bully pulpit" has rarely been so literal. It quickly became clear that the office didn't change him, and - in fact - he changed the office (at least temporarily) to match his petulant vengeful personality disorders.

At first, we tried to address the outrages as they happened, but it quickly became a firehouse, drowning us all in the screaming bile of his Id. Every offense to sensibility seemed to be worse than the last, until we ran dry of adjectives to describe the depth of his abasement of the country. The rest of world looked on, wondering when and what we were going to do. Because of the peculiarities of our governmental structure and processes - nothing. All it took was a weak vice-president, a revolving door of unconfirmed toadies in the cabinet, and a cabal of venal Republicans in the Senate to ensure that this nightmare lasted until the very end.

But all things eventually do come to an end, and thus Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take over today, restoring normalcy, decency, and competence to the office. They will have their hands full, unraveling all of the horrendous things put in place by the previous administration, and setting a course for a future that provides justice and opportunity to all. We will once again be welcomed back into the rest of world, although I won't fault our allies for giving us some side-eye.

I could look back in anger, and list all of the horrible things he did (along with the rest of his horrible family). I would prefer, however, not to put a pall on the happiness of the day. Instead, I provide a few links to let us remember the stupid, the weird, and - okay - some truly awful things that happened over the last 4 years.

Besides Coronavirus (and all of the horrible things that go along with it, like losing friends), there are some good things for us personally. Four years ago, we skipped town to avoid the inauguration (and all the scum who came to attend), and drove all the way to Knoxville, TN to adopt Roy. We picked him up on Jan 20th, 2016, and he has been a blessing to our family ever since.

Just over 2 years ago, we bought our first house (together), and had the opportunity to party with many of the readers of this blog, and listeners to our favorite radio shows. With this new administration taking over the nationwide pandemic vaccination rollout, we hope to see you all again later this year (fingers crossed).

For today, though, we are going to celebrate the end of an error, and the beginning of new era in our United States.



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