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A New Morning in America
Author: Raine    Date: 01/21/2021 14:04:00

President Biden. Vice President Harris.

What a wonderful thing to type. What a weight off of our nation's shoulders. The President hit the ground running yesterday by getting some pressing executive orders taken care of.
On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed more than a dozen executive actions, some of which reverse decisions made by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump.

Several executive actions will make changes to the U.S. response to COVID-19 and try to ease some of the financial strain on Americans resulting from the pandemic. Other executive actions directly target and undo Mr. Trump's actions on the environment, immigration, the U.S. census, and regulatory changes.

Mr. Biden signed three executive orders in the presence of reporters — implementing a mask mandate on federal property, increasing support for underserved communities and rejoining the Paris climate accord.

They say that today is his first full day in office, but - from my view - a lot a things were done yesterday. Today's schedule is just as packed:

10 a.m. ET: Biden, Harris and their spouses attend the Virtual Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service hosted by the Washington National Cathedral.

12:45 p.m. ET: Biden and Harris receive the President's Daily Brief.

2 p.m. ET: Biden delivers remarks on his administration's coronavirus response. He will also sign executive orders. Harris is expected to attend the event.

2:25 p.m. ET: Biden and Harris receive a briefing from their Covid-19 team.

4 p.m. ET: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing. She said Dr. Anthony Fauci would appear in the briefing.
Yesterday, was a very good day. It wasn't until the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery happened that I realized the Occupant did the world a favor by not partaking. I mean that sincerely. I actually liked seeing the former Presidents. I didn't feel the stress or anger that I had felt the past four years whenever I heard or saw him.

The abuser was finally out of the house and our family started a path toward healing. Yes, we must unite, but: you don't have to unite with your abuser. Healing must begin and healing takes its own time. It takes a conscious effort, but it cannot be rushed.

Americans of good faith were victims, and I think we know the main victimizer and his enablers have to do their own soul searching if they want. If they don't, they will be the ones left behind, deservedly so. They no longer have control of our lives unless we let them.

I refuse to let them. Today is a new morning in America. How beautiful is that?



Bonus: This is one of my fave pics from yesterday:



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