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Q-rectile Dysfunction? Maybe not.
Author: velveeta jones    Date: 01/24/2021 13:29:28

I watched and waited. And waited. And, well, waited. Sometime during the inaugural events and just before Biden’s swearing in, Q was to descend from the sky on the back of a bald Eagle. He would knock Biden to the ground with his mighty talons while emitting a high piercing screech in the form of a fierce battle cry. By the end of day, the cannibal pedophiles like Hillary Clinton, Obama, Lady Gaga, Flo from Progressive and many others would be arrested and beheaded in the streets.

I waited; my hands digging into the cheesy popcorn by my side.

Someone did a prayer. But nothing happened.

12:01 still nothing and now Biden was being sworn in. The popcorn was getting cold and soggy. I realized I was sweating.

Then, word came through one of the communication channels; hold firm, it’s still going to happen! I sat up again, watching and waiting. Waiting for this momentous and historical event; this righteous occasion to virtually explode on live TV. I was so excited I was shaking. It was going to be glorious!

I sat through as someone read the Pledge, then Lady Gaga, then some poet kid, JLo sang and then Joe. Joe was making a speech! Blah, blah. I made fresh popcorn, keeping one eye on the screen. I was nervous. Then Garth Brooks got up to sing. Garth was sure to be the signal for Q to make his move. I stood up, starring at the TV while fresh popcorn slowly spilled from my bowl to the floor, everything got a bit blurry. I was not even sure what Garth was singing.

I waited. And then….. he finished. His song was over.

NOOOOOOOO! What is happening? To the phone, I check in on the communique’s and there it is. It has happened. Seems it happened so quickly that I missed it! Amazing!
Here is how brilliant Q is. He cut the live signal and put up a fake signal, it was deepfake. What you saw was actors portraying Joe and Kamala et al. Even Garth was an impersonator. The arrests had begun. Trials would be happening on closed, private TV channels unseen by the normal public. Only those that Q deemed loyal enough. What you currently see and hear are actors pretending to make speeches and sign Executive Orders and make plans for an “impeachment” of Donald J. Trump. Even Dr. Fauci is now a fake.

Trump is in charge and running the country from Mar-a-largo. He will be officially re-installed on March 4 when he and the beautiful First Lady return to the White House. I am happy again! All is well in the world again! Ha!

I set my popcorn aside and do a little dance.

Wait….. is that President Bush alongside Obama and Clinton? But they are fakes. Does President Bush know this? Is he a fake? I’m confused. I look back at my phone, some people are showing doubt. Could it be? I go over the details in my head: democrats and liberal Hollywood elites are pedophiles, cannibals, Satan worshipers, Trump is the savior…… seems so legit…… doesn’t it?

I think about Jerry Falwell Jr and his wife, but why? That was an obvious set-up by the Dems to throw us off track. I return to my phone again; the doubts are spreading. Someone on the thread has used the word “conned”. But we are too smart to be conned. Q would never do this to us, despite the fact that we don’t know who he, or I suppose it could be a she, is.

I begin to suspect a Q-spiracy. Yes, a conspiracy by Q to make it seem as if Q is really not Q. I type a message to the others, “hey, what if Q isn’t really Q and is meant to throw us off the track of Q?” A reply comes quickly from QallOne_54: “Are you saying what I think you are”? I reply, “Yes, what if all this time the person who we think is Q is not the real Q”?
What’s the new plan? asks DeepState_SusieQ. None of us know the answer. It is decided that we will wait for Q to give us new marching orders.

I wonder how we will know if he is the real Q or the false flag Q?

Any ideas appreciated.


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