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A Man-child Without a Country
Author: BobR    Date: 01/27/2021 14:16:39

It's a tale as old as time: When the powerful lose their power, they learn very quickly who their friends are. For the ex-president, those numbers are very few. He can't get lawyers to help him with his upcoming Senate trial because they want to be paid up-front. He and his cult followers are in all kinds of legal trouble, and not welcome anywhere.

Back when he was still a private citizen (and not yet the terror of the world), he negotiated a deal with Palm Beach County to use it as a club - not a private residence - so as to get a better tax rate. He is violating that agreement, and the county is not having it:
The town of Palm Beach, Florida, is reviewing Donald Trump’s use of his Mar-a-Lago Club as a residence, even as the former president is set to once again violate a length-of-stay provision he himself agreed to three decades ago.

At 11:32 a.m. Wednesday, Trump will have been at his property for more than seven consecutive days in 2021, having arrived a week earlier, half an hour before his successor, Joe Biden, was sworn in at the U.S. Capitol.

A 1993 “special exception use” permit that Trump signed, allowing him to convert the mansion into a for-profit social club, stipulated that only 10 guest accommodations were allowed, and that no one would stay there longer than seven days, and not more than three times a year.

Palm Beach Mayor Kirk Blouin told HuffPost that Trump’s apparent decision to live there permanently is being examined by the town’s lawyer. “This matter is under legal review by our Town Attorney, John ‘Skip’ Randolph,” Blouin said, adding that the matter may come before the town council at its Feb. 8 meeting.

Not helping at all are his cult followers, who have not ingratiated themselves to the local residents:
Palm Beach County Democratic Party Secretary Sophia Nelson tells TMZ that she's worried about the effect that Trump will have on local politics.

"Nelson says she and others have already seen changes in town, especially near Trump properties, where upwards of 100 supporters have been gathering daily to show their love since Trump's arrival last week," reports TMZ. "She calls them 'verbally violent.'"

Is he going to invite them all in for a glass of Flavoraid? One can only hope. Their presence will certainly make the county and residents even more determined to force him to move along from Mar-a-lardo. I look forward to video of county sheriffs evicting him.

It's worse for the ex-veep. He didn't have the foresight to have an evacuation plan in place. He is essentially homeless and couch-surfing at friend's houses:
Former vice president Mike Pence, who was thrust into the spotlight during the last days of Donald Trump’s presidency, does not have a permanent place to live in since leaving his official residence at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, according to reports.

Though in his farewell address Mr Pence announced moving back to his home state Indiana in summer, he offered no details on the specifics of where he would move with his wife, Karen Pence. And now, the former second couple is “couch-surfing" at the residences of various officials in Indiana, reported Business Insider.

Joe Scarborough is positing that Pence keeps moving because he's in fear for his life. That seems like speculation, although considering he was almost captured by the MAGA-mob that assaulted the Capitol, there could be some truth there. It doesn't help that there were legislators there that day who seem to equate themselves to the French Revolution.

It's rather ironic that the mishandling (and gross negligence) in handling the Coronavirus pandemic will keep #45 from fleeing the country. No one else wants him, and this country would just as soon put him on a raft in the ocean and give it a good shove.

That's how it goes, though. When you violate the Constitution you've sworn to uphold, and spur your legions to commit insurrection, you've given up your right to call yourself a citizen of the USA.


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