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Last time I left Waltham
Author: TriSec    Date: 02/27/2021 13:21:55

Good Morning.

Bob noted a few days back about an uneasy return to more normal times in the news cycle.

I had a curious thought on Thursday. I was back to see a new ophthalmologist. A year ago, I was due to have my prescription updated and get a new set of contact lenses. Of course, all hell broke loose and I never even made an appointment.

As a matter of course, they asked me all the questions. No fever, symptoms, contact, or positives....the receptionist then asked if I have travelled outside of Massachusetts. I was struck by this, and replied "Ask me rather, if I have travelled outside of Waltham."

Of course overly dramatic - I am deep in Metrowest (Framingham/Marlboro) every day for work. But that's really it. Back and forth over the same roads, to the same place, doing the same thing, every day for months.

It's a rather Soviet existence, IMHO.

We wait for rationed healthcare. Watch the elites get whatever it is they need first. We run out of soap, wipes, toilet paper, and now stand in line for bread - or at least to even get into a supermarket to see if we can buy these things.

What the hell happened to America?

Oh, I know the answer. "A Misogynist Racist Asshat that pretended to be President."
Answer: "What is T - - - - ?"

As I have noted for months since the election, it's just another thing for Joe Biden to fix. There will be some inertia. I expect more bad things to happen before we can truly turn the corner. Some steps have been taken, but it feels like not nearly enough.

I am at least heartened by some stories coming from the new Congress. Democrats, especially newly-elected ones, are refusing to work with their republican colleagues. I regret I can no longer find the story, so I'll paraphrase.

"Did he vote to overturn the election and support Donald Trump? Then he has nothing relevant to say to me."

Perhaps the most dramatic example was this past week a simple, routine voice vote to rename a Post Office was forced to a full roll call vote by the Democrats simply because a republican sponsored the bill. (It did eventually pass.)

I am glad that at least we're trying to move. A slim majority and an even split are barely enough to work with, but it's there.

We still have to overlook the literal elephant in the room in order to get anything done.


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