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Investing on Both Sides.
Author: Raine    Date: 04/08/2021 13:04:57

Yesterday, President Biden Spoke about his administration's desire to get the "American Jobs Plan" passed into law. He is open to compromise, but, as he stated emphatically, not to inaction.
The president added that America’s position in the world was incumbent on taking aggressive action on modern infrastructure that serves a computerized age. Otherwise, the county would lose out to China in what he believes is a fundamental test of democracy. Republican lawmakers counter that higher taxes would make the country less competitive globally.

“You think China is waiting around to invest in this digital infrastructure or on research and development? I promise you. They are not waiting. But they’re counting on American democracy, to be too slow, too limited and too divided to keep pace.”


His administration on Wednesday was pressing the case for tax increases. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it was “self-defeating” for then-President Donald Trump to assume that cutting the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% in 2017 would make the economy more competitive and unleash growth. Yellen said that competing on tax rates came at the expense of investing in workers.

“Tax reform is not a zero-sum game,” she told reporters on a call. “Win-win is an overused phrase, but we have a win-win in front of us now.”

Yellen said the tax increases would produce roughly $2.5 trillion in revenues over 15 years, enough to cover the eight years’ worth of infrastructure investments being proposed.
We have not made a major investment in our national infrastructure since the highway system was built. We didn't have what is known as a Sandwich Generation. Telephone land lines were part of our infrastructure, and still are --- although mightily diminished due to the rise of cell and smartphone use.

The pandemic has shone a bright light on many of our nation's inequities, but none more so than this: there are too many people in the country who have no access to broadband. Twenty years ago, that was a luxury. Electricity and running water were once a luxury and they -- like broadband and internet access -- have become needed infrastructure. Here is what the Job Plan wants to achieve:

• Fix highways, rebuild bridges, upgrade ports, airports and transit systems.

• Deliver clean drinking water, a renewed electric grid, and high-speed broadband to all Americans.

• Build, preserve, and retrofit more than two million homes and commercial buildings, modernize our nation’s schools and child care facilities, and upgrade veterans’ hospitals and federal buildings.

• Solidify the infrastructure of our care economy by creating jobs and raising wages and benefits for essential home care workers.

• Revitalize manufacturing, secure U.S. supply chains, invest in R&D, and train Americans for the jobs of the future.

• Create good-quality jobs that pay prevailing wages in safe and healthy workplaces while ensuring workers have a free and fair choice to organize, join a union, and bargain collectively with their employers.
The Democratic party wants to go big on getting our country up-to-speed in so many areas with the rest of the the world. They REALY want to go big. It's an 8-10 year plan, but the message is clear:

The Democrats want to in vest in our country, our home, the place where we live. They want to invest in The Untied States of America for the greater good of its citizens but also for the rest of the world. citizens from all over the political spectrum have given huge support for this plan.

The politicians on the other side of the aisle want to invest as well. They want investment in Wall Street and tax breaks so they and the top 10% can keep on getting richer while the middle and lower class keep getting poorer while they are led to believe that one day they too can be a part of the 10%

The only way that could possible happen is if we pass the American Jobs Plan.


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