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Grow the F8ck Up!
Author: Raine    Date: 04/15/2021 13:02:11

I'm just tired of the phoqqery. Sitting here trying to write a post about anything is just tiring, today.

Every good thing that our President is doing is just met with utter and complete foulness from the opposing party. An example:
They see a White House “constantly rubbing dirt in the face of Republicans” over the party’s lack of interest in bipartisanship while “passing as many partisan bills as they possibly can through reconciliation before they lose the House in 2022.”

Two episodes stand out to them. The first was when they were invited to the White House to discuss the Covid relief bill in February. It was intoxicating. They finally had both a normal president, one who understood the Senate better than any president since LBJ, and one who recognized the G-10 as the center of power in Congress. The staffer joked that they were so giddy about the meeting that they had to be told to “calm down” and “play it cool.”

But the next day, Senate Majority Leader CHUCK SCHUMER announced the outlines of a plan to pass the bill with just 50 votes. “You do one meeting and 24 hours later they prepare the reconciliation process,” another G-10 staffer complained.

Elections have consequences,. These people need to get their shit together, grow the f*ck up and do the work of the people. I am so sick of their whining, do-nothing asses.

(Did I mention I'm in a bit of a foul mood today?)

Anyway, the weekend is almost here, let's get this day rolling.


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