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Fierce Friday
Author: wickedpam    Date: 11/19/2021 14:11:08

Today I'd like to bring you a recommendation for a new podcast to listen too and a follow on every social media platform you're on. If you haven't already heard of her that is.

Leigh McGowan (aka Politics Girl)

She's been "ranting from her kitchen", as she puts it, for about a year and just recently was spotlighted on Brian Williams 11th Hour. I've only been listening for a few months and just wow!

A seeming mix of Katherine Hepburn and Julia Sugarbaker, she is smart, funny, and delivers a passionate message of Democrats, both moderate and progressive. And lord knows we need some people out there whose voice can cut through the din of GQP droning and lies. Take a listen when you have some time.

Hope you enjoy her as much as I have these past few months.

Have a great weekend and please keep safe.


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