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Author: TriSec    Date: 01/11/2022 12:14:07

Good Morning.

Kind of a ghost town around the veteran's news sites this week - some of the same stories from last week are hanging around "above the fold".

So how about something completely different? One of my primary sources, Military.com, has released a list of the top 'military' movies coming out this year. Like me, they're geeking out pretty hard for "Top Gun", which has been delayed for nearly three years.

However - scrolling through the list, I find at least one compelling movie, "Munich: The Edge of War", which is about the infamous conference in Munich in 1938...which led to "Peace for our Time".

Further down, I find what may be a re-boot of "Operation Mincemeat". That's a fascinating story in itself, and there was already a classic British movie about it, released in 1956. We'll see what the modern take is.

In other news - it popped up on my Facebook 'memories' page. Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of my last chemo treatment. I've now been cancer-free for those nine years.

But it did change me. Even now, I still have lingering aftereffects. Most notably, the CIPN in my foot that never cleared. I've seen some podiatrists, but there's nothing to be done; it's the new normal. The ball of my foot in particular has been swollen for over 6 years now, despite many attempts at treatment. Of all the fine motor skills that were affected at the height of my treatment, I still have occasional problems with buttons. And yes - I still get winded easily climbing stairs or summiting a mountain with a 40-pound pack on my back. (But who wouldn't?)

As always - it beats the alternative.


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