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Author: Raine    Date: 05/09/2022 13:06:03

They are telling you exactly what they will do if the SCOTUS overturns a woman's right to choose. Yesterday was pretty egregious on that particular information front. Jake tapper interviewed the Governor of Mississippi on his Sunday show, 'State of the Union'.

Acknowledging the state’s “long history of poor health outcomes” due to poverty, Reeves stated that “the best thing we can do for [women] is to provide and improve educational opportunities.” He then proceeded to more explicitly suggest women’s own shortcomings were at fault when he intoned, “They’ve got to improve the quality of their skills” in the workforce.

From there, Tapper grilled Reeves on the state’s trigger law on abortion that has no exception for incest, asking the governor if he could explain why the law would force victims of incest to carry those children to term.

Attempting to dodge the question, Reeves noted that when the legislation was passed, the state’s House of Representatives had a Democratic speaker as well as a Democrat leading the public health committee. “This sort of speaks to how far the Democrats in Washington have come on this issue,” he added.

Why is it acceptable in your state to force girls who are victims of incest to carry those children to term?” Tapper, undeterred, shot back.

The governor responded that over 92 percent of abortions are “elective procedures,” while incest accounts for less than one percent of all abortions
. At the same time, he said that if they “need to have that conversation in the future” as it relates to the trigger law, they “can certainly do that.”
I emphasized this part. Watch it:

One could easily conclude, using the very basics of math, that a full 8% are NOT electives. It's wouldn't be a leap to assume a good portion of that number are a threat to a woman's life -- if they are a fully developed woman. That's a big deal. Incest, well it's ONLY 1%. Just a few young girls, so no big deal to the GOP.

That's disgusting, and it's a literal crime against humanity -- as well as a war crime. 1G is pretty explicit in its definition. These are not conservative values, these are far more sinister under the disguise of what they are calling their "values".

Women and children are nothing more than collateral damage to their desire to be supreme ... not just in the court, but also in the bedroom.

And that's not all, with hundreds of thousands of children in our Foster system, one judge on the Supreme court thinks we need a “Domestic Supply Of Adoptable Infants”. I guarantee you, she's not talking about black and brown babies.



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