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2022 Primaries - round 1
Author: BobR    Date: 05/18/2022 13:16:50

The 2022 election season has begun in earnest. Five states held their primaries yesterday, with some interesting results that will make this fall yet again "the most important election of our lifetimes". Let's dive in...

The Republican primary for Senate (to fill retiring Senator Pat Toomey's seat) had at least 7 contenders, and as of right now it's down to two: "Dr" Oz (endorsed by TFG) and David McCormick, who served in the Treasury Dept under Dubya. That race is too close to call.

On the Democratic side, PA Lt. Governor John Fetterman easily won the nomination.

1.3 M people cast a vote in the Republican primary, and 1.2 M voted in the Democratic primary for that Senate seat.

In the Governor's race, state Sen Doug Mastranio won on the Republican side. He was at the Jan 06 rally, although it's unclear whether he joined the crowd at the insurrection. On the Dem side, state attorney general Josh Shapiro ran unopposed.

North Carolina:
The big news here is that Madison Cawthorn burned his bridges, and was ousted by the voters of the state's 11th US House district by state senator Chuck Edwards. This gives the Dem candidate in the district a little more hope in November, but it's unlikely it will change parties.

For US Senate, Ted Bud - Republican US Congressman - won his primary to be the Republican Senate candidate. He is supported by TFG, so that's a bit nauseating. On the Democratic side, Cheri Beasley won her primary. She is a former chief justice for the NC Supreme Court, and could be the first black female senator from NC.

For this race, 724K Republicans voted, and 582K Democrats voted.

In other states' races of note:
Idaho Lt. Gov Janice McGeachin, a TFG-endorsed Republican, lost her bid to unseat current Republican Governor Brad Little. Governor Little is no sweetheart, but McGeachin is a complete nutjob, so yay to Idaho voters.

For this race, more people voted for the loser McGeachin than the total number of voters in the Dem primary for Governor, so it seems obvious that Little will retain his post in November.

PA Senator Rand Paul ® won against his primary challengers.

In Oregon, Democratic voters far outnumbered Republican voters.

Disclaimer and Caveat: These results are all incomplete, as some districts in the various states have not yet returned their results. It's also possible that in some states people who would normally vote for a particular party in the general election may have switched sides for the primary to vote out a particularly onerous candidate in the opposing party. That doesn't appear to be the case with these states, but it's easy enough to change your party registration temporarily.

Did I miss an important race? Let me know in the comments below.

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