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Author: TriSec    Date: 06/25/2022 12:09:25

Good Morning.

Yes, I know about the elephant in the room.

June 25, 2012. I had just undergone emergency surgery and in the midst of about 36 hours of semi-consciousness. You all know "the rest of the story".

I haven't done anything special or great by virtue of surviving cancer. Greater, and Lesser persons than me have done the same. But it's no lie to say that it did change my life.

Ten years on - yeah, there's still lingering aftereffects. I had terrific CIPN for a year after my treatment concluded. It slowly receded, but I still have chronic tarsalgia today as a result. I can sometimes get winded easily climbing stairs. Fine motor control has returned, but I sometimes still have trouble doing buttons. Most vexing to me though, is that my temperature sensitivity has changed.

I always used to prefer cold temperatures. I camp in the winter for fun, and have always been out and about in the snow. Summers used to make me miserable unless I was near a pool or lake. But now? I'm always cold. Air conditioning is the worst - I very often wear a midweight fleece indoors, even in August. And also due to the CIPN, I have limited feeling in my fingertips. I bear a multitude of new burns and scars from all my kitchen work - most of them not noticed until I was actually bleeding on something or I saw the blister and rhetorically asked "when did I burn myself?"

But as always, it beats the alternative.


I suppose we should look at that elephant now - your mileage may vary, but today I couldn't be happier to live in Massachusetts. Last night, this happened. This morning, there is news that Governor Baker (R-can you believe it?) has signed a new executive order.

Immediately after the Supreme Court ruling was announced, Gov. Charlie Baker signed an executive order to protect access for all women -- regardless of state of residence -- to reproductive health care services in Massachusetts.

"I am deeply disappointed in today’s decision by the Supreme Court which will have major consequences for women across the country who live in states with limited access to reproductive health care services. The commonwealth has long been a leader in protecting a woman’s right to choose and access to reproductive health services, while other states have criminalized or otherwise restricted access,” Baker said in a statement.

Which does lead me to a question I've had before. The several states VOLUNTARILY joined the union; we all voted to do so. We had a civil war before, but that was secession by fiat; nobody in the former Confederacy actually put it to a vote among the population.

What if this Commonwealth had a vote, and we decided to abrogate the Constitution and walk away?

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